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My Cookbook on line

by on Sep.01, 2009, under Meals

Today was left overs.

Angus Beef top sirloin chopped in cubes. Marinated in Lupo’s Speedie Marinade for three days.

Placed in medium frying pan, cook until all the juice are gone from the pan.

Served: On Italian bread. Washed down with a Corona Extra and a slice of lime.

Notes: Speedie meat is suppose to be cooked on a skewer over charcoal grill. But when there is no charcoal grill, a pan will do. But it just does not taste the same.

Visit the home of the Speedies here.

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Vacation #2, 2009

by on Jun.13, 2009, under Vacations

Vacation is looking a lot like Europe. May have to sell one car to pay for my airplane ticket. But I need a break, blue water and sunny skies. And I do not see that here.

It is nice to have friends over seas.

The question is, Am I going diving or site seeing? Germany, France, UK, or Spain?

That is the question…

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Will Tomaneks Life

by on Jun.13, 2009, under Life

This have been a very stressful week. Lots of things going on, decisions to make. Car problems. Funny thing, I order one tire to replace one with a nail in it. And then I get a flat tire on a totally diferent tire. Don’t figure.

What will it be next?

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“The Tomanek Collection”

by on May.12, 2009, under Tomanek Collection

Wow, this is becoming more of an effort than I thought it would. I have decided to make it a limited print. I will only print 200 copies of each picture. That will be 200 of each size.

I have also decided to have a special collage that will be customized by the customer. They will be able to pick from the selection of pictures that we have available. I will frame it out for the customer.

Not sure how well this is going to go. Time will tell.

Be sure to visit: http://www.tomanekcollection.com

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“The Tomanek Collection”

by on Apr.22, 2009, under Tomanek Collection

The web site www.TomanekCollection.com has been launched. I will be selling my collection of prints, fully matted but not framed. Unless I receive a special order of setting up a gallery.

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Tomanek Collection

by on Apr.12, 2009, under Tomanek Collection

Tomanek Collection

The “Tomanek Collection” is going to be launched this month. It will consist of a collection of Under Water pictures. Each month two new pictures will be released for sale. The buyer will get to choose from a variety of sizes from 5 x 7 to 16 x 20. You can buy them matted or or without matting.

The pictures will be signed by the photographer, William B Tomaenk. You will also received a copy of the collection poem called “Down Under”. Again signed by the Poet.

Please take the time to stop by and visit the Tomanek Collection.

William B. Tomanek

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by on Feb.09, 2009, under Vacations

Well it is vacation time again. Now sitting down here in Roatan waiting on breakfast. We arrived here on Sat Feb 7, 2009 and chilled out all day. Day 2 we started the morning out with an orientation dive followed by two more deep dives.

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Lake Monticello Water Rescue

by on Jan.18, 2009, under Other items

1This weekend has been an eventful one starting on Sat morning. Receive a call from John S (CAARS Diver) asking if I wanted to do some lunchtime diving at the lake with Steve. Get wet and get cold, stay dry and get cold or stay home. The smart decision would be stay home. The FUN decision would be get wet and get cold.  I decided on stay dry and get cold. So we all met up at beach 2 where we tried to break the ice with much difficulty. Steve and John dove while Will and Tom performed tender duties on shore.


4Now come Sunday training has been planned to conduct another ice dive session. This time the dive would take place at the fishing pond and be a team building exercise. We had a great turn out and 5 divers that dove, while some members performed tender support and other members trained on pulling a victim out of a hole in the ice.

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